Helping online coaches activate their power to accelerate their income & online business with aligned action, purpose and power, at quantum speed,
using The Cognitive Switch®️ & Subconscious Healing Therapy®️

Hi, I'm Sam Evans,
I am SO happy to have you here.

"Reaching your potential isn't supposed to be hard or difficult; it's about realising that before you move forward, the self-sabotaging blocks holding you back require facing (not re-living) and then eliminating from the root cause, so you can confidently reach your next level of success, and create the life you desire, with the belief that anything is possible."

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Over the years I have helped hundreds of women achieve their goals, levels of success, desires, and dreams at quantum speed.

I could never find the right words to describe the work I do, but as soon as the client invests in themselves, and is ready for their next level of success, things begin to fall into place.

They start shifting their perceptions and believing in themselves.

They begin to achieve, and receive things that they thought were once not possible. 

It may sound cliche, but as soon as they commit, I receive wonderful messages about the things that they have received. 


It could be financial, it could be love, it could be their dream home. IT COULD BE ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! 


They begin to do things differently because they start to feel different, act differently, and believe at a whole new level that anything is possible.

They no longer second guess, or doubt themselves - because they are simply inflow, with ease, trust and confidence.

Quantum speed happens when you surrender your fears, doubts, and insecurities.

You confess your deepest desires, wants and needs, without hesitation and with the deepest knowing that you can have it all when you just believe.

You connect to your soul's purpose with trust, faith and belief, and in return, everything in life comes to you at quantum speed.

And it all begins within you.

No limitations. No self-sabotage. NO MORE DRAMA.



"We all have the power within us, this infinite intelligence that allows us to trust, have faith and gain clarity by intuitively aligning our beliefs and values to create the life that we want.

But over our lifetime, we become conditioned by outside sources, people, and events which causes us to sabotage any levels of success that we think we can achieve simply because of the past."