Helping ambitious & driven women go from

self-sabotage to self-confidence

like a flick of a switch,

to live a life 

they love!

Unravel your self-sabotaging behaviours by 


as seen in

Are you a female entrepreneur, someone who is ready to make an impact to the world, yet you are struggling to take action, with clarity and connection to your purpose with passion?

Anyone can work on their mindset, anyone can SAY they work on their mindset, but listening to audios, writing affirmations, and your daily gratitude aren’t just the only ways to reprogram your mind – especially if when you STOP, you turn into a MONSTER! ROARRRR!

Resonate at all?

Right now you may be thinking about returning to work, looking at other ways to make more money, struggling to keep up with everything in life, home and business and severely drowning in mental and emotional overwhelm; so isn’t it about time you did something different to ACTUALLY make a difference?

To actually help you connect to your mission?

To actually love what you do and

Make Some Money!

You most probably have a deeply embedded belief



If I am close, then the only reason I know is that I HAVE BEEN YOU.

Where you are right now, isn't uncommon which lead me to invest A LOT of time searching for the answer whilst feeling so lost until one day,




I found my superpower!

Let me introduce myself

I'm Sam Evans,
A Self-Belief &
Self-Sabotage Specialist

and I help ambitious souls go from self-sabotage to self-confidence 

like a flick of a switch


After spending thousands, on coaches, mentors, programs, self-taught and guided, and becoming a certified bad-ass at helping women like yourself, think the possible, I created my own step-by-step process that’s helped me create the business I run today and coach my clients to put into place aswell.

I’m no different to you.  I have read ‘The Secret’, I blamed it for not working, I tried so many different ways to make money, and no matter what I did, NOTHING WAS WORKING

This is when I realised why:

80% of your success will always be based on your mindset.

The remaining 20% relies on your strategy.  There is no perfect formula for everyone or a perfect way to make everything fall into place.  The one thing that has the most major impact on your levels of success, IS YOU!

Do you believe in you or don’t you?


The Cognitive Switch ®


This program has been specifically catered, designed and created lovingly – and of course, with a NO BS strategy for female entrepreneurs - LIKE YOU!

If you really don’t know where to begin when it comes to mastering your inner critics so that you can create the business that you always dreamed off, be the mother, the wife, the partner, and CEO of your life, then this program is for you. 


Let’s together help you connect to your zone of genius (your superpower) with clarity and confidence so you can step up as the unstoppable entrepreneur you were destined to be. 


Click below for more details.

Let Me Introduce you to my signature program

The Journey of an entrepreneur

FROM 30 TO 40


Watch my Journey

Ever wonder why some people just get it, and others don't?

Ever think OMG your story sounds like mine, yet you are still stuck on the sideline?

Ever feel confused, and not understand why, or what you really are meant to be doing?


I was always comparing myself to others, wondering WHY NOT ME, when it came to success, with a gut-wrenching fear around NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH.


As soon as I declared I was ready to start my business and let go of the pain that was holding me back, I had no idea of the journey that lay ahead. 

When I first decided to work for myself, I struggled massively with self-doubt and always worrying about other people’s opinions until I made a discovery -

80% of your success is determined by the way you think, feel and act which is why I now look back and reflect on my own growth from just an idea of working for myself, to a NOW successful & certified coach helping women totally transform their lives by rewiring their own mindsets. 

Check out by 10 day video series where I reflect on my journey from a single lady in a house share, unemployed and £40k bankruptcy to a wife, a mother of 2 and the Founder of Sam Evans Global.


Also, watch the transition in my own face from the 1st video to the last! I’m pretty taken back myself!  When you love what you do, it seriously shines out of you!

Are You Ready To Turn On Your Switch?

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