I'm Sam Evans,
An Intuitive Business Coach

"Reaching your potential isn't supposed to be hard or difficult; it's about realising that there is something stopping you, blocking you from moving forward, so you can confidently move forward with the belief that anything is possible."

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Leading Mindset Expert transforming one mind at a time.


When You Let Go Of The Past, Gain Trust In Your Future, Confidently In The Present, You Literally Can Have, Be & Do Whatever You Want.


Are You Ready To Create The Success You Crave?

"We all have the power within us, this infinite intelligence that allows us to trust, have faith and gain clarity by intuitively aligning our beliefs and values to create the life that we want.


But over our lifetime, we become conditioned by outside sources, people, and events which causes us to sabotage any levels of success that we think we can achieve." 

The difference is, instead of it just being a dream, you create your reality based on your design, not anyone else's. 

As a master coach in NLP, Time Line Therapy, & Hypnotherapy, I have been able to guide women through my 4 part framework The Cognitive Switch, which has allowed a smooth transition from broke to success within weeks. 

I actually had no intention of becoming a coach nor did I ever expect to be helping women across the globe, but through my own journey of self-discovery, self-development, and healing every single block you could ever imagine, I have helped transform hundreds of women's lives, businesses, and mindsets like a flick of a switch that's allowed them to generate the income, the business and the life they always wanted. 

Are you a female entrepreneur, someone who is ready to make an impact to the world, but you just feel so stuck with knowing the exact steps you need to take, and you don't know why?
Perhaps you are struggling to take action, lack clarity, and feel completely misaligned to your purpose with passion?
Or perhaps you have had enough of feeling stuck where you are and you just what someone to pull out the blocks for you? 
Click below and have a nosey to decide what you feel is the right investment opportunity for you. 

my journey of success.