My mission is to help female entrepreneurs be completely free from mental and emotional blockages and align with their authenticity for abundant life!

So what's the link with a  PEACOCK? 

This is what I do!

When it comes to branding, you must become so connected with it as it reflects you and your mission.


Upon my own research, the peacock feather instantly stood out to me.  I then had this niggly voice inside, say; 'Google what it means!" 


The peacock feather is commonly referred to symbolize, integrity, doing what you say, truth, honour, beauty, and strength.   This was literally a jaw-dropping moment as I couldn' believe how connected it was to my own mission, especially as it also symbolizes my core values as a coach such as:

  • Boosting Your Self-Esteem

  • To Have A Sense Of Humour  What’s life if you cannot even have a chuckle from time to time and I always ensure that every client I work with at every session laughs!

  • To Have A Vision Us women do struggle to see clearly because we become so overwhelmed so when I see a vision for the client, they see it too and it’s just incredible! 

  • It's About Having A Spiritual AwakeningThis is how I woke up from a deep sleep, and now have the gift to help clients to achieve the same.

  • To Live A Long Life with peace, happiness, and fulfillment

  • To Have Confidence – AMEN!

  • To Be Aware Both In Self And With Others This is the power of becoming Emotionally Intelligent baby!

  • To Have Leadership Skillshelping clients become the CEO of their life!

  • To Enjoy Life as entrepreneurs we forget that we must have fun otherwise it just gets boring!

  • Resurrection reborn from the ground to what they were born to do!

  • Being Well Balanced – ABSOLUTELY! When you feel warmth in your heart, light in your mind and peace in your soul – this is a state of total mind, body alignment!


  • Light-Heartedempathetic, with calmness and patience.

  • To Have Self-loveto have love, you must love you first which is why putting you first is a must!

This is why I am so dedicated and committed to helping the boss babes of this world to create a life they can have, not to dream which is why my commitment to you is:

  1. To know that your mind is in safe hands, and I will be your strength to support you until you connect to yours.

  2. To equip every female entrepreneur with the necessary tools on exactly how to manage their emotions and thoughts by remaining authentically as themselves.

  3. To ensure that at every point of contact, you will always feel lighter with a knowingness that YOU CAN achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to.

  4. To always lead by example with patience, love, and understanding and always be open, honest and truthful.

Here are some incredible testimonials from aspiring and successful female entrepreneurs whom I have had the pleasure of working with.

Before Sam, I felt as though I was lost in the monotony of parenting 2 young children.

I had joined a skincare company and had begun to build up my skills in beauty therapies, but didn't really have a direction with it. I met Sam through another mindset course during which I had a moment of clarity and realised the future of my business. I wanted to work with Sam to feel more confident in myself and clear and barriers to my future success.

It's so important to work on yourself and find time for your self-care. To make progress within your business, you need to make progress within yourself which is why I decided to invest into myself, and began my Mindset Mastery Program with Sam, as I really needed to gain a deeper understanding of who I am and have the clarity over my new business venture.

I am so proud of the progress I have made. I now am more confident in myself, before I wouldn’t want to do things in new situations on my own, I now can without even thinking twice.

I used to be very washy over making decisions, asking everyone what they thought as I always relied on other people’s approval.  Now, I just trust myself at a deeper level and feel so proud of myself.

My proudest moment was when I finally stopped breastfeeding my 16 month old, something that I had tried to do a number of times, but hadn't been successful with. I have direction in my life and feel very aligned with my business and future. 


Sam and I have developed a great friendship whilst working together. She knows her stuff and about a lot of different things! I would definitely recommend others to work with her.

Lauren Gilbert

Before I met Sam, I was at an all time low, unhealed and massively skint! I was carrying so much, anger, fear, stress and it was weighing me down.

Lucy Eldridge

Through working with sam, and having been through timeline therapy which has been incredible, I have released so much, right from the core level.

Whilst releasing (which was quite a lot) Sam was really there for me, a painful process but so so worth it and I am so grateful to her for that!!

Since completing the program, I feel so much lighter and fresh as if I’m starting brand new!!  


I felt we worked really deeply which I would recommend anyone to do and Sam helped me massively and was always there when I needed her and stood by me which I’m grateful for. Wouldn’t change anything but would go back as feel I need more for my business. I still have my moments and I am still healing but so much better, happier and financially better off than a year ago. I can now achieve my long term goals, with consistency and by taking action with the deepest belief and trust in myself, that I CAN!  I would 1000% recommend Sam to anyone she is amazing!

Before I met Sam, I was lost, I felt anxious, depressed and constantly in pain.

Katie Savage

My business was failing because I felt as though I was failing as a mum, a women and a partner. I blamed everyone and everything for my lack of success when in actual fact it was all me! I was shy, hated socialising and was pushing everyone away.

I had a lot of limiting belief, and the feeling that I was not good enough or did not deserve what I was wanting to create so working with Sam, just had to be done.  I was drawn to her for so long, as I really felt she knew me and my gosh does she know her stuff?

Since completing my Mindset Mastery Program, I feel AMAZING!! I am confident, stepping out of my comfort zone. One of the main reasons I wanted to work with Sam, was because I was told that I would never be pain free and I will suffer for the rest of my life.  Boy, was they wrong!

My pain has reduced by at least 70%! My anxiety and depression barely shows its face. I am now building a business I love, growing a global team and life is just fantastic, and I have Sam to thank for it all! I love talking to new people and  I enjoy life again, even my family can see the huge shift in my physiology! 

One of the best experiences I have to say, was when I manifested a major operation that I had been told I had to wait for 2 years, and instead I got it in a few months!  This was a huge moment.  None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Sam.  I am so excited for my future now, where once before it didn’t seem like I would have one.

In January I broke down because I didn't hit a promotion I was going for within my business and I just felt like a total failure.

Kelly Farrant

I had worked so hard to achieve this goal but because it didn't happen, I literally felt like walking away from it all.  I wanted to give up as I felt completely useless and had resentment towards others who had achieved their promotions. It was at that point I realised I needed to either work on myself or give up but giving up on my dream wasn't what I wanted to do and I met Sam.

I felt so nervous and scared especially around money because it’s a huge investment in yourself, especially when you have never done it before and I am so glad I went for it! Through working with Sam, I now know exactly what I need to do daily to work on me, I know what action steps help me to clear my mind.  I have released so much resentment, anger and frustration around the past as these memories were severely holding me back in achieving my dreams. Now, I know I am so worthy enough of success and I can now manage my emotions effectively, without allowing others opinions, feelings or behaviors affect me. I feel so in control of who I am and what I deserve and I never thought I could ever do this.

I would 100% recommend Sam as a coach! She's patient but she is firm too, and this is only because she is helping you get the best out of you and I am forever grateful for it.
Letting go of my past self-limiting beliefs has totally transformed my life and now, I have found my superpower, with the right business and now creating the life I know I deserve

Watching Sam connect to her super power of helping clients gain clarity, was just mindblowing and I started researching NLP for myself.

Deborah Stevenson

I first met Sam Evans in person on a 1-day CONFIDENCE Course in Birmingham a few years back, before she became a coach. We stayed in touch via Facebook and Messenger and I became curious about her coaching journey.  Watching Sam connect to her superpower of helping clients gain clarity, was just mindblowing and I started researching NLP for myself.


I became a Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis last year in October and realised that I needed help to maintain my positive mindset and learn new Business Skills to become a successful Coach.

I admired Sam and knew she was great with marketing and mindset, and I admitted that I was struggling to find clients and didn't feel ready to launch my Coaching Business. I had a lot of limiting beliefs around money and success and being good enough and after my free discovery call, I felt so at ease with Sam right away that I signed up to work with her instantly.

Sam took me out of my comfort zone straight away. I trusted her and did everything she asked. She told me to trust the process and by working together, I noticed a big difference in my engagement on Facebook and instantly I felt better in myself and more confident about the future.

I would highly recommend Sam as a personal coach and Business Mentor.   She really knows her stuff and is very professional and positive. She is a wonderful person who puts her clients first.

I can't thank Sam Evans enough for my personal transformation from stressed to calm and confident about the future.

I  wanted  to  work  with  Sam  to  help  me  gain  clarity,  I  really  was  very  lost  at  the  time.

Emma Hammond

I  work  with mums to help  them  release  their  limiting  beliefs  and  achieve  true  success  in  their  lives  and  businesses. 

I  wanted  to  work  with  Sam  to  help  me  gain  clarity,  I  really  was  very  lost  at  the  time.  I  had  an  idea  of  what  I  wanted  my  business  to  be  like  but  was  unsure  who  my  ideal  client  was,  how  to  reach  them  and  how  to  brand  myself  online. 


I  also  wanted  to  introduce  automation  to  my  business  giving  me  more  time  freedom.  Previously  I  struggled  with  my  mindset,  I  had  anxiety  and  depression,  procrastinated  a  lot ..

and struggled planning my time around my other commitments.


Through  working  with  Sam,  I  realised  that  a  lot  of  the  issues  I  was  dealing  with  were  because  of  limiting  beliefs  and  mental  blocks.  I  have  had  several  breakthroughs  since  working  with  Sam,  my  confidence  has  improved  greatly  alongside  my  mental  health  as  well  as  learning  some  amazing  tools  and  strategies  that  have  made  my  business  completely  stand  out  online.

Now  I  am  in  a  much  better  place  mentally,  I  have  launched  my  own  coaching  business  and  earning consistent £4-5K months,  I  have  the  tools  and  the  skills  now  to  move  forward  with  my  business  and  take  it  to  the  next  level  with  confidence.

I  would  recommend  Sam  in  a  heartbeat  to  anyone  wanting  a  coach. She  is  incredibly  supportive  but  at  the  same  time  knows  exactly  how  to  push  you  to  reach  your  true  potential.  Working  with  Sam  has  made  such  a  huge  impact  in  my  life,  I  am  incredibly  grateful

I wanted to work with Sam to build my confidence to get further in my business

Katherine Johnson

I also needed help with my mindset to get rid of the niggling voice in my head that said: "you can't do this."


​I initially had my breakthrough call with Sam and clicked with her straight away. I can't explain it, it was like she just got me and made me feel good and worthy. I knew I had to just go for it and invest in myself and my business.


From the get-go I made progress, Sam worked on my niggling limiting beliefs and taking out the root of the problem.


We got to work setting goals and straight away I smashed them. I set a goal to hit a promotion in July 2018 which I hit in May 2018, thanks to Sam.


I can’t really begin to put on paper what Sam has taught me because of how much it is. I am in a much better place now business-wise my team has doubled, my mindset is in a good place too and I know what to do when they creep back in. I would highly recommend working with Sam she is amazing and has helped me so much.

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