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EQ MASTERY COACH® certification 

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Anyone can read a book to understand what EQ is, but what is missing from the coaching industry, and business world, is knowing exactly where to begin with a client, and most importantly, the current levels of EQ to know what areas require improving, and most importantly, what areas are actually really good.


"I really thought I had low EQ - my boss kept telling me how low it was.  When I read the assessment, I was shocked at how incredibly accurate it was in describing my personality, and behaviour but most importantly it was actually very high with a score of 95% covering all areas.  Thanks to Sam's support, I was able to align to my emotional mastery which then allowed me to increase my annual salary because I quit allowing my emotions to get the better of me."

Maril USA


When I discovered emotional intelligence in 2018, I had no idea of the power behind it until I had my first EIQ assessment.

I cried. 

I cried because I couldn’t believe that a form, where I answered a few questions, was able to tell me how I was a serial procrastinator which was a major blockage in taking action with love and joy – I was always angry and frustrated.

Highlighting the results was one thing, but my coach at the time took it further, with a deep 1:1 session, where he through deep rapport and questioning, helped me to awaken that the reason why I was a procrastinator, was because of my limiting belief I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


By working closely with my 1:1 coach for four months straight, and nutralising every pain, block and doubts I had at the unconscious level, by healing my mind, I was able to increase my EQ levels with a massive increase in income within a year.

Soon After, I had my first £10k month and I was MIND BLOWN!

Anyone can increase their EQ, ANYONE. 

It’s something we are not born with, but something we can all expand in simply by understanding where we are now in relation to the four pillars of EQ, and knowing EXACTLY what we have to do to improve them, understand them, and most importantly the results we can achieve when we do.

As an EQ practitioner, and TTi EQ Practitioner, specialising in EIQ assessments, it’s the first and most powerful thing that I use with every client in my coaching practice.

Instead of clients feeling uncertain and unable to deeply admit the core truths that hold them back, the EIQ assessments allow you to deeply face reality for what it is, as you own your truth in the now, with a tangible assessment, that you cannot deny or run from.

Having had huge success with my own clients, I just knew I had to teach and train other coaches how to improve client’s EQ levels, and most importantly how to add it into their practice, for themselves.

This is how EQ Mastery Coach® was born, and why this certification will change the way you help clients increase more sales, more success and more growth simply by using the assessments to unlock their deepest potential

“In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels”

Daniel Goleman

What's Included In EQ Mastery Coach

TOTAL ALIGNMENT MENTORSHIP® (Facebook Cover) (12).png

This is a live coaching certification RECORDED programme, to give you time, space, and freedom to embody the true power of embodiment of emotional intelligence. 


You will have three months after the final session to complete your case study requirement with six months of support in a VIP group with monthly coaching and training.


The trainings will be available in a private membership portal, where you can rewatch the training for up to three months after completion of the course to support you during your case study journey.

You will receive ten complimentary EIQ assessments, one for yourself, three for your case studies, and two for you and five you can use to market and sell straight away.

Once you have successfully passed, you will be able to join and stay in the group for a monthly subscription with access to 2 EIQ assessments per month for your practice and begin 

hyperspeeding your client's breakthroughs using the power of EQ mastery which includes monthly trainings to help you enhance your EQ further in yourself and your business.




  • Importance of EQ in life and how it's currently causing major emotional blocks.

  • The history of EQ and how the EIQ assessments were created. 

  • The fundamental pillars of EQ that require constant evolution over a lifetime.

  • How to embody and ehance your own Self-awareness & 

  • self-regulation to increase your energetic and emotional match for your soul aligned clients, loved ones and even employees..

  • How to support your clients  with their own SA and SR.



    Reflect on the power of EQ to increase sales, income and reputation with integrity.

  • The importance of EIQ Assessments in practice to establish deeper rapport with clients 

  • High EQ and habits of an emotionally intelligent Coach and to ensure you stay that way

  • Monthly trainings to support you further in your EQ development



  • Recieve a monthly VIP support group for your extra mentoring and growth.

  • Monthly live training calls to enhance your own emotional mastery

  • Group calls to support you in your business and your clients.

  • 3 additional months to rewatch the training in a private membership




  • The importance of understanding others, your clients and how to be the best leader you can be as a self-lead mentor.

  • What Social Awareness and Regulation is and how to actively improve it constantly for bigger impact in business.

  • The importance of effective communication and listening to ensure massive success.

  • Importance of rapport and relationships and how to help your clients improve their connections with loved ones fo rmore peace and love in their lives.




  • Introduce the EIQ assessments and how to access/use them

  • How to break down a 1:1 session with powerful results where your clients will love you for helping them speak their truth.

  • Case study requirement

  • plus recieve 5 x complimentary assessments



  • IB





Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.



Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.



Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.



Lisa, Mental Health & Emotional Well-being Coach/Therapist


EQ Mastery was beyond my own expectation of coaching and literally was absolutely jam-packed and full of information.


The training was powerful and empowering, and I was bowled over seeing the difference in my results between October and January having increased my own EQ by 22% increase!


Sharon, Transformational Life Coach

Honestly, this was by far the best, detailed, and intricate course I have ever done, that not only benefits me but my business too.


I'm now seeing the world from a whole new perception and so excited to share this to the world.

Having had my own EIQ assessment has really allowed me to become more responsible and face anything that prevents me from moving forward, and I love that I can improve this always!


Anna, Coach

EQ Mastery Coach was such a powerful programme that has literally changed my business and my life. 


By having completing an assessment in Jan 22, and reviewing them during EQM, i had an increase of 11% in my levels of EQ in 63 days, equivalent to £11,550 extra earning potential!


This is literally allowing me to deeply work with clients at such a deep level. Gamechanger.



Once you have chosen your payment option, you will be notified via email your enrollment application process.

Once payment plans have been made or paid in full, you will be sent your manuals in due course to support your learning and evolution.

You will recieve access to a VIP support group.

The modules structure, times and dates are to be confirmed nearer the time  GMT UK TIME.

If you are based in Australia, please email me for other time options.


Once you have attended full training sessions, you will have 2 months to complete your case study requirement.

12 months of monthly support, with monthly trainings to further expand your EQ in your life and your business with ABC calls, and Q&A's.

After the 12 months there is a monthly subscription which includes two EIQ links to use for your business.

Once you have passed you will become a qualified EQ Mastery Coach forever more.

What qualified coaches say

"Having worked with Sam, practically all of 2022, I just knew I had to enrol and become certifed as an EQM.  Not only was the the biggest catylst of growth and success last year, but I am now helping others imrpove their EQ, and landed a multiple five contract to support the schools in the UK.  This course was absolutely incredible and I would recommend it in a heart beat!"

Becki, CEO CP Associates/ EQ Mastery Coach


Click the link below and fill in the application form for your enquiry were you will be redirected to schedule your complimentary call.

Hello & Welcome

My name is Sam Kaur Evans 

Founder & Creator of EQ Mastery Coach® CEO of the Cognitive Switch® Training Academy.

Emotional intelligence is more than working on your emotions, or even being aware of them; it's how to best utilize the power of self-trust, and self-empowerment, to enhance your life's desires and co-create the life you want on your terms.

EQ or Ei, is the foundation of all my services, and it's high time you learned exactly how you can add it in your career, business, or life using the groundbreaking EiQ assessments.

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