My Purpose

I deeply believe I was born to make a huge impact on this earth. This is why I am making it my mission to help one million female entrepreneurs within the next 10 years to turn on the internal switch so they can constantly walk in their god-given right of their inner beauty & light, to reflect their authenticity and shine brightly as individuals within the entrepreneurial world, leading to 6 figures and beyond.


Because I know what it felt like when you begin your journey as an entrepreneur. 

I remember the awful messages, and negativity I received and how it impacted me deeply when I believed that I had it all from within, I just couldn't bring that Sam out.   I wasn't given a guidebook or even knew the first thing about becoming an entrepreneur and I'm definitely assuming neither were you; I wasn't even aware how powerful the mind actually is and how when you take the hustle out of your life, it brings simplicity, joy and time freedom into your life, just by adjusting and mastering your THOUGHTS, your WORDS, and your ACTIONS. 

Each entrepreneurial journey is unique and nothing gives me more pleasure when I see client's breakthrough and break free, as if they literally look in the mirror for THE VERY FIRST TIME, and say "OMG! I am so HOT!"


Believe you me, you really are beautiful.

My Story

As a child and most of my adulthood,  I was always like a combination of your best friend, a wannabe teacher, the bossy boss, and your positive-polly pants who always had the right answer to make you feel good and guaranteed to smile.  


I had this natural high and an innate feeling of utter joy every time I helped someone as it made me feel so happy seeing others happy.  The only downfall was, I never put me first. I was constantly on a battlefield with myself and within relationships, facing challenges like I was on a spinning hamster wheel full of ups and downs on rinse and repeat, so if anyone had a problem, I would jump at the chance to help them as I loved the feeling it gave me and them.  It was a great remedy, but not my cure.

God had a plan for me all along and gave me plenty of signs along the way to guide me to my journey, but I was so stubborn that I just ignored them all, as I thought I knew it all.  Instead of listening to my intuition, I was like, nah! I know what I was doing, always ended up with dire results.


Despite being born ready to be a boss-babe of the world, I had no idea that I was actually being prepared to become a Self-Belief & Self-Sabotage Specialist.  But this was never my dream and because I was ignoring my signs, I ended up on a shocker of a journey!  


I was someone who was always confused, emotional and erratic; I was always overwhelmed, hustling at every opportunity and learning was ‘JUST TOO HARD FOR ME.’

I had the infamous hustler mindset ‘Gotta get money! Gotta get paid’  combined with the employee mindset,  ‘You gotta work hard in life to get anywhere!'  so as you can imagine, it was pretty chaotic in my head which was reflecting massively in my outside world. 

My entrepreneurial journey actually began when I was 22, but I got sick with chronic fatigue which I now feel was a test, that I failed miserably.  It wasn't until I hit 34, with kids, a wedding, five house moves, alot of investment in my development as a Montessori Early Years Teacher, and a car crash that completely broke me down.  I had faced one of my biggest FEARS EVER to finally pay attention.  I was stressed, depressed, overweight, underpaid and with low-self esteem.   This was when I transitioned to the network marketing industry.

People kept telling me, You’re amazing! You can do it Sam!

But something deep within didn’t feel right. There was so much negativity such as; 

"She’s in a cult!" "She's too unreliable!" 

"She’s only reaching out because she wants something!"

This literally petrified the life out of me, and I began to lack even more with confidence and a gut-wrenching feeling that I just wasn’t good enough to be an entrepreneur.


Full of excuses - totally off balance.

I kept making little mistakes as I was trying to be perfect and when I didn’t get the results I craved, I would literally sulk like a baby;

I thought I was always right ;

I was always sabotaging relationships;

I always felt like everyone was talking about me;

I was always leaving things to the last minute, procrastinating and never working to my fullest potential or with high expectations. 

I always blamed my past for my short wins in life, (the abuse, the neglect, the bankruptcy) even without knowing - ALWAYS playing the victim but I never even imagined that there was anything deeper than this, that caused my mental blockages. I thought I got over them - that I didn't need any help - well, this is what I kept telling myself.

But I hadn’t. My past was sabotaging my success before my very eyes and I couldn’t even see it. I was always crying for no reason and snapping like a crazy monster out of hell to my family – I was a mess!  Anything I tried to do, wasn’t working because I had

NO BELIEF. NO FAITH. NO TRUST. I just wanted to be FIXED in fact, I wanted SOMEONE to fix me.

I read the 'Secret'.

I bought the DVD, the CD, the BOOK, I religiously meditated, listened to audios. Journaled, cried, wrote in my gratitude book, achieved first and second degree in Reiki BUT STILL NOTHING.  It wasn’t until my hubby said to me,


"Sam, you still act all crazy when you don’t do all of these things! Why do you do it? "

I was all over the place, & knew I NEEDED HELP.  This was when I began to see, that in fact, I was the problem, and I was the solution and finally acknowledged & accepted that I was allowing my past experiences, even the unconscious ones, dictate my future and my journey, thanks to the support of all my mentors and coaches. This was my awakening moment, where I began to see why some people succeed and some don’t.

I surrendered to God, the universe the almighty law above, and said OK I AM READY TO CHANGE, and I welcomed the world of mindset & began my personal development journey.   

I had finally become aware.

Aware of my negative habits, limiting thoughts and accepted responsibility for my choices as in why I wasn't taking actions, but just ignoring them.  I soon discovered that I wasn't alone in fact, millions of people across the globe FEEL & FELT  EXACTLY THE SAME.  

Now, as a certified NLP & TLT ™ Practitioner, specializing in Emotional Intelligence, I- F E E L - F R E E.  I can take action when and as needed, I hardly ever cry, unless it's my boys, which is obvious as they are a part of me! I take responsibility and face challenges head-on, I believe in myself, love myself to the core, and when it comes to learning new skills and tools, I can take in new information with ease, with discipline and focus like never before.  


When I say I am going to do something, I do it.  I take action every single day, even when I don't want to, with purpose and passion whilst feeling, relaxed, chilled and with time on my side. Even on an off day, I know how to flow rather than feel stuck like before.

Now, I'm not frigging Mother Teresa.  I'm also not saying that I know it all, or have the right solution for everyone, but I know what's worked for me, and the hundreds of women across the globe  who have achieved total mind, body alignment - just by gaining clarity in who they are, what they want and where they are going as Outrageously successful female entrepreneurs.


"I was exhausted!"

I was going from company to company, different comp. plans, full of ups & downs, wins & losses, whilst going through depression, anxiety, and on the cusp of a mental breakdown.  I was exhausted! MENTALLY PHYSICALLY & EMOTIONALLY!  

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