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"I believe that the more we try to seek to be fixed, the more we are unable to reach our goals, purely because we just don't believe in ourselves."

Working with a coach is like going to school.  Different teachers for different lessons and in my case, different coaches & mentors for different areas of my life and you get to choose them.


I’m not someone who just magically made it, and said: "Hey! I’m a Coach!" 

I had to go through a process; I had to go on a journey of self-discovery, I had to educate myself; I had to learn strategies that were super hard, where once before I couldn't even use dropbox!


I was doing things way out of my comfort zone, and in order for me to excel in this coaching world, I had to become the client. I had to RELEASE the past, REWIRE my habits and REPROGRAM myself, as I was struggling severely with emotional blocks which were holding me back from achieving success, abundance and wealth.


Now,  I ensure that I allow my clients have the best tools and practices in place to help them achieve the freedom from within to make SOUND CHOICES, TRUST THEIR INTUITION, and have the CLARITY in knowing the DIRECTION THEY ARE GOING. 


But it all starts with a choice. 


to making the changes?


See I believe;

  1. We CAN have an abundant life with a complete transformation of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to have, be and do, whatever our heart, mind and soul desires.

  2. That every woman on this planet, has got exactly what they need to help them achieve success with clarity & confidence and the ability to tap into infinite intelligence and,

  3. When we are honest with ourselves, we connect deeply to our soul purpose and activate the law of attraction in a total state of alignment to have, be and do, whatever we want, with ultimate faith and empowerment.


So What Does The Peacock Have To Do With YOU?

I believe that your brand should reflect your mission and your purpose, not only for your self but also for your clients.

When I was creating my brand board in 2019, I felt this instant connection to the colours and features of a peacock feather which is commonly referred to symbolize, integrity, doing what you say, truth, honour, beauty, and strength


This was literally a jaw-dropping moment as I couldn't believe how connected it was to my own mission, especially as it also symbolizes my core values:

  • Boosting Your Self-Esteem - When you are confident as you, you literally know your worth and have the most respect for yourself and your decision making.

  • To Have A Sense Of Humour What’s life if you cannot even have a chuckle from time to time. Laughter really is the best medicine and I ensure that every client I work with at every session laughs!

  • To Have A Vision – Most of the time the vision we have is not even ours; It's one we aspired to achieve based on someone else's dream.  And that's ok, you can do that - but most women struggle to see clearly because your mind is overwhelmed with a lack of trust and vision.  

  • Having A Spiritual Awakening –  We are all connected to spirit but it's the human body that sometimes gets the way from allowing you to trust yourself and your vision. Connecting to spirit will allow you to make choices and decision based on your inner authority and ability to trust your own intuition. 

  • To Live A Long Life  with stress comes chaos, aging, and drama.  I do not do chaos, and when you are able to let go of the judgment, and fears, you literally feel complete peace, happiness, and fulfillment

  • To Have Confidence – Confidence isn't something that we are born with but it's something we desire. With a lack of confidence comes fears, doubts, and uncertainty, and it's only when we eliminate the mental and emotional blockages we can safely move forward with trust, focus, and faith and without limitations. 

  • To Be Aware Both In Self And With Others This is the true power of becoming Emotionally Intelligent.  When you are able to effectively manage yourself, your emotions, and respond rather than react, you are far more effective in managing yourself around others and facing difficult situations.

  • To Have Leadership Skills – TO be an inspirational leader requires you to lead from the front. When you master yourself, gain clarity on your future, you begin to live in the present and lead the way for others to lead their own lives and create an impact in their businesses too. 

  • To Enjoy Life as entrepreneurs and working from home, having fun is crucial.  We were not born to work hard or hustle, we were born to have fun and enjoyment, and when this diminishes over time, what is the point in what you do?  Having fun, smiling, and being joyful is what allows you to achieve more of what you want when you appreciate what you have.

  • Resurrection Kind of like the phoenix, you will be reborn.  When you shed the old version of you, and align as the real you, you tap into your infinite intelligence authentically aligned as the best version of you and bring out the best in everyone and everything else.

  • Being Well BalancedWhen you feel warmth in your heart, light in your mind, and peace in your soul – this is a state of total mind, body alignment!


  • Light-Heartedempathetic, with calmness and patience.

  • To Have Self-love – finally, to have love, you must love you first which is why putting you first is a must.  

This is why I am so dedicated and committed to helping the boss babes of this world to create a life they can have, not to dream which is why my commitment to you is:

  1. To know that your mind is in safe hands, and I will be your strength to support you until you connect to yours.

  2. To equip every human with the necessary tools on exactly how to manage their emotions and thoughts by remaining authentically as themselves.

  3. To ensure that at every point of contact, you will always feel lighter with a knowingness that YOU CAN achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to.

  4. To always lead by example with patience, love, and understanding and always be open, honest and truthful.

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