How Did I Create Unlock Your Money Block?

When the pandemic first struck last year, I literally had no idea the effect it would cause to myself, and to my business.

I was so happy with the way my business was running - I would always seem to meet my clients when they were ready to invest in themselves and I loved it.

I even started creating shorter 1:1 packages and this also began to work a lot in the favour of the client.

But During March - April 2020, my income dropped massively and so did my business.

It was hard not to get upset or worry and I knew that there was something that I had to change.

One of my gorgeous mentors I worked with last year, told me that I should really talk about the money mindset. At first, I couldn't see how, but the more I looked into it, I realised that I have been helping women with their income, their money, and their finances from the moment I began coaching.

  • So I got a little specific.

  • I created a method.

  • I created a program.

  • I did it on myself.

HELLO UNLOCK YOUR MONEY BLOCK® - Born during quite possibly the most testing time in the world.

By applying the method to myself,

  • my income went from £500 which had dropped from a consistent 4 figure monthly income to £25k in 6 weeks; I completely filled up my 1:1 diary til January 2021; I had consistent income regularly coming in; I mastered my relationship with money; I began to change the way I managed my income, and stopped borrowing and getting myself into debt with credit card