Let’s just clear up what a breakthrough is - ‘ an important discovery or event that helps to improve a situation or provide an answer to a problem:

Sounds simple, right? But what if you didn’t know what the answer is? What if, you didn’t know that you were having one but instead feeling FED UP of having no change, no direction and feeling stuck where you are or feeling like you are not going forwards but BACKWARDS!

Having a breakthrough is a way of you learning from an event, a moment, a feeling and even a past experience to allow you to MOVE FORWARD. Your natural response to a breakthrough could be tiredness, yawning, confusion, and it can even stir up old negative emotions that you thought that you had left well and truly in the past. But did you really? If they were left in the past, why are they resurfacing? If you feel you are ‘stuck’ and going backwards, what are your learnings from this significant lesson you are going through?

As humans we do tend to go back to our comfort zone, we want to stay where we feel safe and its your sub-conscious mind, your protective mother which is only due to the fact from previous experiences as your sub-conscious has protected you for so long to NOT make the mistakes again, that holds you back.

So when you have a breakthrough, you naturally feel that what you are going through isn’t helping, that you need to go back to how you felt good that you don’t want to feel this way - I WANT IT TO STOP! But if you want to grow and let go, how is going back going to help you go forward? How is stopping, going to help you let go?

THIS IS YOUR PROCESS of having a breakthrough and yes you do need to breakdown most of the time to let go of the negative emotions. You have to want to make the change more than anyone - NO ONE CAN WANT THIS FOR YOU MORE THAN YOU. Me for example, I have the tools and I know what works as I have been there, but it’s always down to you to WANT TO LET IT GO.

Having a breakthrough can be exhausting purely because most of the time you are resisting. You argue with yourself, doubt yourself and don’t believe you will ever change or grow or move from where you are but what is holding you back? What are the beliefs that you have stored in your mind that are wanting you to stay back? You say you want change, but then you hold yourself back?

You see you are your driver! You are the designer of your life and the universal guides here you and see you, but they want to help you and serve you the best way they can based on your vibes.

I understand that breaking through is hard, it can be frustrating but imagine how you will feel when you come through? Imagine the clarity you will have the focus and vision that you can see - what once felt impossible becomes possible because you allowed yourself to let go of the feelings that are holding you back!

We will never stop having breakthroughs or face challenges IF we want to be a success. You see there is only a small percentage of entrepreneurs who want success and understand the hardship is what makes them worship what they have and about to receive.

But this will always be down to your choice - do you BACK UP or BREAKTHROUGH?

The lessons you face are to help you get stronger and the harder they are the quicker the universe wants to help you and this all goes down to one important decision - do you trust and let go, or do you not? Yoda says there is no try, there is do or do not. DAMN was he right!

So the next time you feel a change in your energy, the next time you have an explosive outburst, the next time you feel a wave of tiredness wipe you out, the next time you face a challenge, the next time you feel like you are not going forward, ask yourself:


You are amazing my lovely - and I know how it feels, but listen with your gut and trust that you are being guided and let go of the thoughts that do not serve you any longer.

Take control of your mind and know that everything will fall into place - well, that’s if you want it to be.

much love as always, and always remember to #JustBeYou x

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