I can't be successful and a parent at the the same time.

"I can't be successful and a parent at the same time."

This was a belief that funnily I had no idea existed until it dawned on me when I started to see a reoccurring pattern in my life.

Every time I would reach a new level, something incredible would happen, like hitting 5 figures in 6 weeks, or making a 10k day, or receiving an award, or recognition for something, I couldn't celebrate myself hard.

We should be able to celebrate HARD. But every time I tried, something would happen at home.

Always with my youngest.

Like a problem at school or a problem with him, and as much as I love my kids so much, they break my heart just as quickly.

I am such a softy, with them, I just want to give them the world, but I also can be tough when needed.

So I asked myself, do I believe this like really?

My body responded yes!

So I worked on this belief, and it came back from when I was 9 years old, when my mum worked so hard, and had no time to be a parent like I wanted her all the time.

How could my little brain, think that at such a young age??

But because as children, esp. young girls, we don't think, about why things are happening around us, we think things are happening to us.

Life is unfair! Life is hard! I can't get what I want!

We then continue to build our belief system based on our experiences.

I know my mum did her utmost best. she as my mother, my father, my world. She still is.

But my little brain decided to create that I couldn't be both because all I ever witnessed was my mum working hard.

But life can be balanced.

Life can be easy.

Life can be simple.

WHen eliminate any blocks at a subconscious level.

If I am honest, lately I have had a sensitive heart, around the issues in the world, it's just my nature and my human design. I feel the pain of the world and I can't even do a thing. It breaks me because I can't even voice my truth about it on Line because I'll get banned!

However, I feel. I feel big time. No matter what good things happen, there's always something else stirring.

But as my hubby says, just keep doing what you are doing, keep the faith, and keep going!

And this is my message to you.


You just have to start with yourself.

Love you x

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