The photo-journey of growth, Sam Evans. Part 1.

Today, I had my 5th annual photoshoot, and I suddenly realised that each photo tells a story.

It's a reflection, a part of my journey, as a coach, working online, and I really felt the urge to share it with you.

Let's begin. Part 1.

As a child, my mum loved taking photos of me, more than I loved them being taken. I remember I would always cry, hide behind my sunglasses, and literally piss myself on the 70s style sofa bed, in protest to my photo’s being taken.

Little did I know that my mum was actually preparing me for my obsession with the camera! I so love a photo!!!

Our wonderful next-door neighbour who was literally my granddad (RIP Charlie) always took photos of us. From the moment we moved in, right up until I was pregnant in 2013, he always loved taking our photos.

He always saw our beauty, being practically the only brown ones in the village LOL (as in Indians in Essex LOL) and always made us feel special and wanted.

Despite having such loving memories, on camera, off-camera, my life wasn’t always that picture-perfect.