What does being intuitive really mean?

To be intuitive literally means,

to know what seems naturally right and having the ability to know or understand things without any proof or evidence.

Imagine that!?

I for one never trusted my inner authority, my inner voice, my intuition because of my conditioning - my limiting beliefs, my lack of emotional intelligence, my inability to respond instead of react to situations, always playing the victim, poor money mindset, and most of all, inability to believe I am good enough.

Through growth, investing in myself, my skills, my knowledge and my business, I've learned more and more about how we are the drivers of our vehicle and its up to us to maintain, heal, and resolve past conditioning, past beliefs and past experiences so that it no longer controls us in the present.

Fast forward to now, my intuition has guided me, saved me and helped me because I know how to listen.

It's also allowed me to help women in business achieve their desires which is, to stop feeling stuck, gain clarity, attract abundance, manifest their dreams, but most importantly being themselves.

With so many women online doing the same thing, I ask myself what makes me stand out, why would women want to work with me and here are the responses I get:

you know what to do
you see past my excuses
you help me really be me
you are so down to earth.