When my money block shifted to something else!

In September last year, I realised that I went into major self-sabotage mode and I'm going to share this with you.

After making 26k in 6 weeks, which was fast, and the first time I had ever done that, I wasn't used to it.

We say we want the big bucks, but when we get it, we don't know how to accept it.

My subconscious mind began to go into full throttle of self-sabotage, and I had no idea what was coming.

One coach, which I do believe she didn’t mean to do, said to me:

“Sam, YOU DO NOT NEED FIXING!” My instant response to that was, OMG I NEED FIXING!

You see, whether it’s a positive or negative use of language, your body will respond accordingly. For example, I am rich (positive) will trigger off memories to encourage more RICH THINKING.

YOU DO NOT NEED FIXING triggers off the body’s chemical reaction of negativity, to confirm in fact, that you need fixing.

So as we as humans don't respond to negations positively, unless trained to do so, I went and threw myself, into 21 different programs because I believed I needed fixing.

I just kept paying and paying and paying and I really got myself into a state.