Why Is It Hard To Be Just Me?

I was having a chat with a dear friend today, and it was crazy how we spoke about something that was actually BUGGING ME OUT!

You know that feeling, overwhelm feeling when you do something really well, but sometimes it can feel too much as in you feel uncertain at times, or unsure and some certain beliefs pop up to make you feel ANXIOUS and ANNOYED when really you are like, why on earth am I feeling like this?


SO, there was something that happened, and it not only threw me but brought some feelings up to the surface which has needed to be released for quite some time.

I dug a little deeper. I went to sleep last night and I was so honest with myself.


I asked to release this feeling as it was like frustration, envy, shame, guilt combined into one, (don’t ask me how I got here)!!!


However, this all seemed to have stemmed from me wanting to ‘fit in’ – so I asked myself when did this start??

I took myself back to a memory of when I was 6 years old. I asked my mind to tell me what is it that made me feel like this. I remember standing in the playground, and no one would play with me. I was the only ethnic one there... and they were being kinda mean, and I was trying to prove myself to them that I am just like them... that I can be a part of their crowd. But why should I have to do that?? Why I was trying so hard to fit in just because they didn’t approve certain aspects of me, why should I disapprove my originality?

This was all stemmed from a memory as far as 6 years old!!! It made so much sense! The different crowds I stumbled from; The need to be accepted to ‘FIT IN’ to be a part of something except I am a part of something huge, right now as a mum, a wife and a coach on a mission by the one and only with a power to serve those who need it – I just didn’t realize it.


When I realized what I felt and had to let go, it dawned on me not only was I trying to fit in, but how so many others are actually doing the same.

Why did being authentic become such a problem?

Why do we tell ourselves stories to make ourselves feel better?

It doesn't matter if people try to be like you but they can never be you - they can mirror you but inspiration starts somewhere...but we must never lose sight of who we are and who are to become.

So step in YOUR power and see YOUR beauty of what YOU have to offer to this world - there is no other YOU! .. no matter what they do..

Just be you. Don’t follow.

Just be you.. Speak your truth.

Just be you. Own those thoughts.

Just be you – create your success

Just be you - don’t worry what others say


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