Over the years I have helped hundreds of women achieve their goals, levels of success, desires, and dreams at quantum speed which basically means, it was as if it was always there.

I could never find the right words to describe the work I do, but as soon as the client invests in themselves, and is ready for their next level of success, things begin to fall into place for them as they start shifting their perceptions and believing in themselves.

They begin to achieve and receive things that they thought were once not possible and iIt may sound cliche, but as soon as they commit, I receive wonderful messages about the things that they have received. 


It could be financial, it could be love, it could be their dream home. IT COULD BE ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! 


They begin to do things differently because they start to feel different, act differently, and believe at a whole new level that anything is possible.

They no longer second guess, or doubt themselves - because they are simply inflow, with ease, trust and confidence and most importantly BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES as they surrendered their fears, doubts, and insecurities.


When you connect to your soul's purpose with trust, faith and belief, in return, everything in life comes to you at quantum speed, without hesitation and with the deepest knowing that you can have it all when you just believe.

And it all begins within you.

No limitations. No self-sabotage. NO MORE DRAMA.



Introducing the Cognitive Switch Method -
my five-part framework that decodes your past conditioning and recodes your subconscious programming for limitless success, wealth and abundance. 



The first step is the greatest step you will ever make for increased emotional intelligence.

It's time to face your true self to activate your desires.



Create new habits as you break the habit of being yourself.

No room for excuses or self-sabotage - it's time to move in your aligned way.



Heal your money trauma, and self-sabotaging money story to create limitless wealth.

Deeply rewire your money, sales, income, and financial blocks with an aligned wealth blueprint.



Recode the past trapped emotions, beliefs and energy by surrendering the past once and for all.

The most powerful stage of all.  Say good bye pain - hello YOU! 



Set new aligned intentions as you forgive your past, and step into the future you NOW.

There are four different services to choose from, and there is an option to apply too.  Click on your aligned choice and let's get you activated from within.

1:1 private coaching

from 10 days to 12 months, choose your preferred cognitive journey.

cognitive mind
abc programme

The Cognitive Mind (wht you call masterminds) to support you in your business and in life. 

total alignment mentorship

12 month mentorship inc. group coaching, intimate experiences, and bi - monthly ABC Cognitive Mastermind Calls.

vip voxer

VIP calls for instant breakthroughs and tapping in to support for a massive return.