5 day live certification course and accreditation programme. 


Presented by Sam Kaur Evans, Master Trainer, Founder and Creator - CEO of the Cognitive Switch Training Academy

Enroll and become a certified & accredited Success Activation Coach® to support your clients abilities to surrender the old ways and expand your coaching practice as one of the leading subconscious healing therapists in your industry in the world.

Welcome to the most powerful accreditation programme, that infinitely heals your clients mind by recoding the past root causes of self-sabotage.


If you deeply desire to help your clients activate their innermost desires in deep alignment, then this course is for you.


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This certification programme is for the coach who desires to deely transform their clients lives and make a bigger impact for themselves by helping clients heal and release the subconscious conditioning of the past once and for all at a cellular level to bring peace, love and more joy in flow, in the now.

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After years of research, listening and studying, i have realised that there are three missing elements in the coaching industry:

Having been on my own journey of evolution, and experiencing every type of coaching modality out there, I realised that everything I had ever been through, learned and acquired, was happening because my purpose was to serve more coaches online to make:




With so many different modalities out there, combining the principles and philosophy of NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Inner child therapy, and life coaching, I have tested and created the most impactful method that will not only activate success in your career but also your clients too.


The Success Activation Method follows the following process to create massive results within your business.


EMBODY - passing a course is not the way to become knowledgeable in a field of expertise.  The deepest and most powerful way is to deeply embody the tools, and knowing how to effectively apply it into your life so you walk the walk and talk the talk. 


EXECUTE - It’s again, not just about learning.  It’s about taking action in the now as you embody your newfound methods and executing your knowledge into practice. 


EARN - You don’t have to work for free.  It’s about embodying and executing your methods and earning straight away not later once you pass, NOW.


EXPERIENCE - I deeply feel most people want the accreditation but never actually experience the methods as a client.  When you experience the power, you not only eliminate your own crap, but you clear room to attract your soul aligned clients as you raise your infinite power and increase your own frequency via a healed nervous system, healed mind and body.


Anything and everything is possible when you flick that inner switch on, and now it’s time for you to learn how.



This certification programme includes the non-evasive meridian therapy modality, Silent Counselling, the instant recode method that decodes your past conditioning Subconscious Healing Therapy and the online coaching business recode certification, Success Activation Coach.

This powerful programme follows my powerful framework - The S.A.M process.













The only way to ever remove any limitations, and remove negative emotions first and foremost, is by reprogramming the subconscious mind.  Through rapport, deep understanding of your clients life’s journey, you can break down exactly what the problem is as the client realises that what was consciously the problem, was in fact not the root cause of their self-sabotaging behavoiours; it’s actually alot deeper.  

Root causes of any self-sabotaging behaviours normally occurs in the first 7 years of your life as your unconscious programming is forming beliefs, values and behaviours and how you make your decisions based on what you experience in the outside world through both conscious and unconscious learning.


Some people believe in past lives, but the majority of the limiting beliefs are not even your own - they could be passed down through generations, and even created whilst you were forming in the womb which is why most people have no idea why things don’t work out or why they feel so low.


Our subconscious mind never sleeps, it’s always awake and aware and picks up everything around as it stores events in the mind into either negative cabinet or a positive one.  We in fact absorb negativity 1000 times faster than a positive one and it’s as soon as we desire change, significant movement and want to see outside the cardboard box, instead of living in society as a follower, we want to become a leader but the past conditioning prevents us from moving forward with ease, because we are controlled by the unconscious programming.


In fact 95% of our behaviour is determined by our unconscious and it’s only when we realise the actual root causes, decode the past conditioning and integrate our recoded beliefs, we begin to flow, trust and believe with clarity that we can achieve whatever we want.


Utilising all my power, skills and knowledge and testing this method on all of my 1.1 clients, it’s safe to say that this method has transformed minds like never before and I am so proud to be able to share it!


OMG. Sam! This was by far the most powerful session I ever had.  Since working with you, the breakthrough I was able to achieve using this method and your Inner Child Therapy was literally the best thing I ever experienced. THANK YOU!

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What is the Success Activation Coach?

Anyone can learn a modality, a method, a tool but the one thing I see missing from every coaching package, is HOW THE HECK DO I ADD IT INTO MY COACHING PACKAGES?

Most coaches become accredited, yet fear of failing. not being good enough or even being a success.  That's because there is a disconnection from embodiment and execution.

I will be assessing and reviewing whilst sharing how to build this into your coaching business, whether you are new or existing in the online realm


MODULE CONTENT - what to expect


  • Understanding your client's needs, and foundations of subconscious reprogramming,

  • The SAM ethos, and introduction to Subconscious Healing therapy.

  • The deep understanding of both unconscious and conscious and the link between mind-body connection.

  • The power of language self-talk and expression.

  • Trauma-Informed Training, the impact of the past, conditioning, and experiences creating trapped memories and emotions.

  • How limiting beliefs are formed, how they hold you back, and the impact of trapped negative emotions in the body-mind and heart.

  • The different levels of trauma,  PTSD, Depression, and anxiety impact the nervous system.


  • Learn the rapid energy release method that heals and transforms the nervous system, by discharging blocked energy using Silent Counselling. (see separate page for details)


  • How to speak to the inner child and eliminate the trapped emotions and limiting beliefs

  • How to decode past conditioning, habits and behaviours.

  • How to recode the subconscious mind with new beliefs and emotions by healing the past thoughts and beliefs and emotions 

  • Multi-level recode  - removing multiple layers of beliefs, and emotions using gestalt therapy

  • Alignment method healing mind and body as one.


  • Live assessments and assignment requirements.

  • Case study and accreditation legalities and license.

  • Setting up your practice, packages, and prices.

  • Personalised scripts to support your business.

"Sam, I don't know how you do it, but when I learn from you, everything sinks in.  I honestly have found a trainer for life!"

Kelly - Master Coach NLP.


Who is this for ?

For coaches who feel like there is something missing from their practice, for the practitioner who doesn't feel qualified enough, and for the therapist who struggles to support their clients having a deeper release and transformation. This is for the COACH who desires to deeply help their clients heal and create a bigger impact in themselves.  It's also for the brand new coaches who just wants a powerful practice with everything from how to run a session, how to set up a practice and how to help clients shift from stuck to unstoppable, and make a huge difference in the online realm as the go to leading expert in Subconscious Healing.

How will it work?

There are two ways to enrol on this programme.


1. Enrol on the accreditation course.

  • You can enrol on simply learning the method during the five-day accreditation programme, where each session is hosted live via zoom and some will be recorded and accessible to watch again. ​

  • You will have an additional 1 year of support to guide you on the journey of expansion as a Success Activation Coach with monthly Q&A's.

2. Upgrade to VIP

  • You can also enrol on the above and upgrade to the VIP level where I will be your coach during the process. Not only will you be learning, but experiencing the entire process, plus more on a four month 1:1 package. ​ Being a coach is one step, but when you actually live, breathe and experience it as a client, it changes the game completely.  During these 5 days, you will not only embody, and execute your learnings, but you will experience what it actually feels like to take your business to the next level as a Sucess Activation Coach.

What Will I Achieve?

This is an accreditation programme registered and recognised by the IPHM and currently undergoing CPD accreditation.

Using the Success Activation Method principles you will learn, and become accredited:

  1. Subconscious Healing Therapy Therapist  - you will learn the exact method, scripts and coaching practice that will shift your clients from stuck to unstoppable by decoding the past conditioning and create empowering new beliefs in the now. 

  2. Success Activation Coach -  You will learn how to set up your coaching practices, services and packages as a registered Coach using both modalities in your practice to create your aligned coaching practice.

This is quite possible the most powerful concept of removing the unconscious self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviours as you will learn exactly how to support your client's needs using the four-part framework.

I have literally spent my entire coaching career learning and evolving through time, and this is my gift for you.  Please do understand I cannot be responsible for any monetary loss or gain - this will be simply your responsbility.

However, I will teach you, mentor you, the exact process for you to embody it yourself, to know how to support your clients.

There will be limited spots available so please complete this link to apply.

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I already specialise in subconscious programming, how is this different?

I also specialise in TImeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy and rapid energy release modality.  The question bodes, do you feel you are providing enough for your clients? If not, then trust yourself to make the right decision, and avoid S.O.S

How is this different to other modalities out there?

You're right.  There are plenty.  This modality was birthed in 2021 when I realised there was something missing form the industry - so many coaches still suffer in silent, repeating same habits and behaviours, because they haven't had the recode.  This is a very powerful technique inspired by all that I have qualified in, to ensure that the limitations, are completed erradicated.

What if I miss the live training?

As much as I know timings can be challenging, you would have to be responsible to show up live .  These will be live coaching sessions where I will be teaching you the modalities.  Please also understand that the timings will be based on where people are based around the world.  I will do my best to accommodate everyone, around my own lifestyle.  The timings could change however the dates have been confirmed and I would expect you to book this time off to join.


Some weeks will be recorded, except the live coaching sessions.

Ive never had a coaching practice before, will this help me?

Absolutely.  However, please note that this will be a pretty powerful journey, so be ready to embark on a true journey of self-discovery and healing.

I have more questions, what do I do?

Will I make money straight away?

I cannot make any income status however I can show you how to apply it into your business.  Remember, people want results and if you can do that, then you will earn.