On this detailed page, you will hear from the wonderful women who have transformed their lives, minds and businesses, when they decided it was the right time for them to invest in their growth to success.

You will find with permission, client reviews, stories, interviews, and testimonials from the most gorgeous women I have had the pleasure of serving.


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Maril, USA - 6 Figure Earner

From negative voices in my sleep & the need to be loved to more patience, confidence within in, and compliments on having an incredibly high IQ!

"I had been watching Sam for a while, and I decided to work with her to help me with my current problems. I had little or no belief that I could become someone in other people's lives that they would want to be around, not just because they are related to me.

My boss told me that I had little emotional intelligence, and when I took the test with Sam, it was safe to say that he was wrong. The areas that I lacked in were purely because of the events that occurred when I was a child and I had no idea what was holding me back.

There were so many breakthroughs I had, but I was surprised to learn how many beliefs and habits had formed over 1-2 childhood memories that I just held on to all these years. Goes to show how much someone's thought process, outlook, and opinions of themselves form when they're young and by unique experiences.

I figured out why I thought I wasn't worth loving, why I try so hard to control everything, why I take it so personally when people affront me, and why I wasn't able to let go of conflict.


Before, I was 100% unable to just (wholeheartedly) forgive someone who had wronged me. Now, no lie, I truthfully can without them even knowing.

I won a global competition for bodybuilding last year and landed my dream job doubling my income to 6 figures a year.

Sam has this power to just FIX YOUR BRAIN!. She is an incredible coach and the growth I have seen has been phenomenal! She is great at building rapport with clients as well!"


Monique, UK - Founder & CEO Perfect Planner Company


From I'm Not Good Enough To I BLOODY AM!

I knew for quite some time that there were limiting beliefs and barriers preventing me from moving forward, and I really just had enough of staying stuck and resisting change. 

I decided to work with Sam, because I really wanted to move my business to the next level, and not feel so overwhelmed all the time. 

By working with Sam, I realised that I can do anything I put my mind too, and I don't have to be so stressed out all the time and I am more than good enough. 

Thanks to Sam, I much more relaxed and also much more assertive and confident in my decision-making. I've also become more confident in the decisions I made and now, I believe in myself so much more than before, which in turn has allowed me to really look at the directions I was taking and what I need to do to move my business forward! 

Sam is a bundle of knowledge and energy. I value her as a friend and as a therapist. She has helped me so much and I am hugely grateful for her friendship, guidance, and support. It's been an incredible experience. Thank you. 


Karen, Sweden - COACH

From dragging my heels, & little self-belief to discovering my own voice again, without putting everyone's needs before my own.

" I was so fed up of procrastinating and making excuses, that I knew it was the right time to invest in me. I would watch sam on her lives and read her posts, and I just knew she was the right coach for me to help me gain the self-belief in myself t& know that I can achieve all the things I really want in my life by looking after my physical and mental health better.

Every session I would come with a ball of tension in my solar plexus, and at the end of every session I just felt so light and the tension was gone. It helped me release pent-up emotions that I was holding in purely because I was putting everyone before myself was powerful.

Working with Sam, allowed me to start my path to making real big changes and decisions in my life that ultimately lead to me creating my dream coaching business.

Sam has incredible enthusiasm and knowledge around mindset and that deep work you need to go through to get long term change and she is just such a genuinely lovely coach!"

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Client Success Story

Emma Hammond.jpg

I  wanted  to  work  with  Sam  to  help  me  gain  clarity,  I  really  was  very  lost  at  the  time.

Emma Hammond

I  wanted  to  work  with  Sam  to  help  me  gain  clarity,  I  really  was  very  lost  at  the  time.  I  had  an  idea  of  what  I  wanted  my  business  to  be  like  but  was  unsure  who  my  ideal  client  was,  how  to  reach  them  and  how  to  brand  myself  online. 


I  also  wanted  to  introduce  automation  to  my  business  giving  me  more  time  freedom.  Previously  I  struggled  with  my  mindset,  I  had  anxiety  and  depression,  procrastinated  a  lot ..

and struggled planning my time around my other commitments.


Through  working  with  Sam,  I  realised  that  a  lot  of  the  issues  I  was  dealing  with  were  because  of  limiting  beliefs  and  mental  blocks.  I  have  had  several  breakthroughs  since  working  with  Sam,  my  confidence  has  improved  greatly  alongside  my  mental  health  as  well  as  learning  some  amazing  tools  and  strategies  that  have  made  my  business  completely  stand  out  online.

Now  I  am  in  a  much  better  place  mentally,  I  have  launched  my  own  coaching  business  and  earning consistent £4-5K months,  I  have  the  tools  and  the  skills  now  to  move  forward  with  my  business  and  take  it  to  the  next  level  with  confidence.

I  would  recommend  Sam  in  a  heartbeat  to  anyone  wanting  a  coach. She  is  incredibly  supportive  but  at  the  same  time  knows  exactly  how  to  push  you  to  reach  your  true  potential.  Working  with  Sam  has  made  such  a  huge  impact  in  my  life,  I  am  incredibly  grateful

Client Success Stories

Lucy Eldridge.jpg

Lucy UK - Entrepreneur 

Before I met Sam, I was at an all time low, unhealed and massively skint! I was carrying so much, anger, fear, stress and it was weighing me down.

Through working with sam, and having been through timeline therapy which has been incredible, I have released so much, right from the core level.

Whilst releasing (which was quite a lot) Sam was really there for me, a painful process but so so worth it and I am so grateful to her for that!!

Since completing the program, I feel so much lighter and fresh as if I’m starting brand new!!  


I felt we worked really deeply which I would recommend anyone to do and Sam helped me massively and was always there when I needed her and stood by me which I’m grateful for. Wouldn’t change anything but would go back as feel I need more for my business. I still have my moments and I am still healing but so much better, happier and financially better off than a year ago. I can now achieve my long term goals, with consistency and by taking action with the deepest belief and trust in myself, that I CAN!  I would 1000% recommend Sam to anyone she is amazing!

Katie Savage.jpg

Katie, UK - NWM Leader

Before I met Sam, I was lost, I felt anxious, depressed and constantly in pain.

My business was failing because I felt as though I was failing as a mum, a women and a partner. I blamed everyone and everything for my lack of success when in actual fact it was all me! I was shy, hated socialising and was pushing everyone away.

I had a lot of limiting belief, and the feeling that I was not good enough or did not deserve what I was wanting to create so working with Sam, just had to be done.  I was drawn to her for so long, as I really felt she knew me and my gosh does she know her stuff?

Since completing my Mindset Mastery Program, I feel AMAZING!! I am confident, stepping out of my comfort zone. One of the main reasons I wanted to work with Sam, was because I was told that I would never be pain free and I will suffer for the rest of my life.  Boy, was they wrong!

My pain has reduced by at least 70%! My anxiety and depression barely shows its face. I am now building a business I love, growing a global team and life is just fantastic, and I have Sam to thank for it all! I love talking to new people and  I enjoy life again, even my family can see the huge shift in my physiology! 

One of the best experiences I have to say, was when I manifested a major operation that I had been told I had to wait for 2 years, and instead I got it in a few months!  This was a huge moment.  None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Sam.  I am so excited for my future now, where once before it didn’t seem like I would have one.

kelly farrant.jpg

Kelly, UK - Entrepreneur

In January I broke down because I didn't hit a promotion I was going for within my business and I just felt like a total failure.

I had worked so hard to achieve this goal but because it didn't happen, I literally felt like walking away from it all.  I wanted to give up as I felt completely useless and had resentment towards others who had achieved their promotions. It was at that point I realised I needed to either work on myself or give up but giving up on my dream wasn't what I wanted to do and I met Sam.

I felt so nervous and scared especially around money because it’s a huge investment in yourself, especially when you have never done it before and I am so glad I went for it! Through working with Sam, I now know exactly what I need to do daily to work on me, I know what action steps help me to clear my mind.  I have released so much resentment, anger and frustration around the past as these memories were severely holding me back in achieving my dreams. Now, I know I am so worthy enough of success and I can now manage my emotions effectively, without allowing others opinions, feelings or behaviors affect me. I feel so in control of who I am and what I deserve and I never thought I could ever do this.

I would 100% recommend Sam as a coach! She's patient but she is firm too, and this is only because she is helping you get the best out of you and I am forever grateful for it.
Letting go of my past self-limiting beliefs has totally transformed my life and now, I have found my superpower, with the right business and now creating the life I know I deserve

I wanted to work with Sam to build my confidence to get further in my business

Katherine Johnson.jpg

Katherine Johnson

I also needed help with my mindset to get rid of the niggling voice in my head that said: "you can't do this."


​I initially had my breakthrough call with Sam and clicked with her straight away. I can't explain it, it was like she just got me and made me feel good and worthy. I knew I had to just go for it and invest in myself and my business.


From the get-go I made progress, Sam worked on my niggling limiting beliefs and taking out the root of the problem.


We got to work setting goals and straight away I smashed them. I set a goal to hit a promotion in July 2018 which I hit in May 2018, thanks to Sam.


I can’t really begin to put on paper what Sam has taught me because of how much it is. I am in a much better place now business-wise my team has doubled, my mindset is in a good place too and I know what to do when they creep back in. I would highly recommend working with Sam she is amazing and has helped me so much.

Client Messages


Carla, IRELAND - Fitness Coach & CEO

before working with Sam I thought that there was something wrong with me. That alone lifted a massive weight off me

I reached out to Sam, because I noticed that she did Time Line Therapy, and I knew that this method was fantastic at releasing mental blocks. 

I knew I could do better in all areas of my life but I really felt so stuck and never really achieving any major progress because I couldn't pinpoint what exactly was wrong.

Now working with Sam, did cause me to get my barriers up. I did feel uncomfortable at times, but she made me feel so at ease, I realised that it was ok to be vulnerable, I feel I needed to experience this in order to see that it was ok, that I didn't have to have a wall around me all the time. 

I needed to work on myself, something which I had avoided for a long time, but looking back it was a key factor in keeping me where I was. 

I'm now more open and don't feel comfortable being this way. I can speak to my family easier, and I've met the man of my dreams which wasn't expected as I initially wanted help with feeling stuck! 

Thanks to Sam, my heart is open and really accepting of being loved.

Meeting the man of my dreams was more than I could ever have imagined and he matches every single value which Sam helped me reach.

She helped me master my money mindset and take back my power, which has allowed me to put my gym wear business back in motion again, something which I thought I'd never do again, but now I have my self-belief back and cannot wait for it all to start properly. 

Sam is fantastic at what she does. She makes you feel at ease, and explains everything so that you know exactly what you're doing and why. 

She also uses examples from her own experiences and puts them into context for you which I found extremely beneficial. 

Sam is also firm when needed, but in the nicest possible way, and I can see why she needs to do this at times. Her energy is amazing and she has made the whole process so worthwhile."


Lyndsay, UK - Professional Marketing Strategist

I was quite skeptical about the timeline process but found that the more I relaxed into it and trusted the process, the more naturally the responses actually were.

I met Sam via a training program we were both doing and her messaging really resonated with me.

I was moving from employment into being self-employed and knew I lacked the confidence to take the steps I needed to be successful. 

I also knew a lot of the issues were about my own self-belief in my skills and the knowledge I can share with others. 

I believe my biggest breakthrough has been that I have a greater belief in my own self-worth. I don't think I had a 'lightbulb moment during the training but there have definitely been situations that happened after the training had finished which I know I dealt with differently and felt more empowered than I would have done previously. It's quite liberating to feel that way! It's difficult to explain, but that 'switch' is part of who I am now and how I deal with life.

The results I've seen are in how I manage and respond to situations; even the language I use to 'talk to myself is more positive. I'm more aware of my emotional intelligence and mindset plus how to continue to improve in some areas.

Sam not only supports and educates you through the process but also continues that support once your sessions are complete. She becomes one of your champions and still checks in to see how things are!  It's great to feel supported outside of the actual program itself.


Rhianne, UK - NWM Leader & Coach

I was fed up with feeling fed up & I knew I wanted more for myself but I was fed up with history repeating itself. 

I finally accepted I needed some help. I was definitely intuitively guided to work with Sam. We had been FB friends for a while but one day I decided to reach out on one of her posts and the rest was history.

Working with Sam has allowed me to achieve so much. I was so used to putting everyone else first I realised that I can trust me. 

I've discovered so many things, so many abilities. I've learned a lot about myself, my body, my mind. I'm much more aware of my thoughts and reactions. Sams really helped me discover the true Rhianne and how I can work with myself to my true and highest potential.

I've achieved so many results in my business by removing money blocks. I've had my highest earnings in NWM, I've manifested money in many forms. I've learned to understand the way I am and the way I work which allows me to be ME in my business and in life in general. 

I've paid off all my debt and understanding and rewiring my thoughts and beliefs on money. I have better relationships with my loved ones and myself. 

Sam is not just professional and knowledgable, but passionate, intentional, caring, and just an incredible human being.