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I am super excited that my brand new book

The Cognitive Switch

is now available


Meet The Author of 
The Cognitive Switch

Sam Evans, A businesswoman from London,  who was declared bankrupt at 30, is showing others how to re-write their stories by turning off self-sabotage and turning on self-empowerment, as she learnt to do.

In her new book called The Cognitive Switch, Sam Evans reveals how she grew up feeling lonely and wishing her life was over after being beaten and locked in a cellar for misbehaving. Knowing she was meant for more she listened to her intuition and instead never gave up on her dreams.

She is now running a hugely successful global business as a Master NLP Coach specialising in timeline therapy and emotional intelligence, helping hundreds of women overcome previous trauma or experiences that are holding them back.

Sam’s journey from hitting rock bottom to inspiring others to live their best lives, is as emotional as it is motivational.

Sam Evans says, “To achieve what you want and be who you want, you have to become the person ready to reach that next level. With openness, gratitude, and appreciation of where you came from and who you are, you are no longer controlled by your past conditioning and instead have a deep knowingness that everything will always work out. In short, you have to flick that switch from self-sabotage to self-empowerment by reprogramming your current conditioning.”

The Cognitive Switch is written to help women give themselves permission to live an abundant, happy, and fulfilled life, where they believe in themselves that they can do anything.
By establishing the root cause of their problems at a subconscious level, Sam’s clients have gone on to heal and align, so they can have, be and do whatever they want. Sam specialises in shining the light on the blind spots they are unable to see for themselves, enabling them to piece everything back together and move forward.

In conjunction with The Cognitive Switch, Sam has made it her mission to help one million women by 2030 turn on their internal switch of infinite intelligence so they can reach their full potential without limitations.


Purchase today (30th September) for a chance to win:

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  2. Also a energetic recode session. Valued 599

  3. And third prize a signed copy of my book.

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