Working with Sam Evans

When Sam first began her entrepreneurial journey, she had no idea of the adventure that lay ahead.  Most importantly, she had NO IDEA of the challenges she would face, the growth she would have to do, or the lessons she would have to learn.

She invested a large amount of time and resources to FIND the answer.

Will this program work?

Will I really make it?

Am I making the right choices or is this all SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME!

What Sam had in fact discovered was, that each and every coach, mentor and program was all part of her learning process as she had set high goals to achieve as a successful female entrepreneur.

But what does success mean?

Success to Sam means;






Upon connecting to her zone of genius which is, ‘helping female entrepreneurs rewire their minds for outrageous success,’ She created both her group and one on one coaching programs based on knowledge, experience, passion, and purpose to transform the minds of women who strive for success.

Sam loves nothing more than bringing women together, to not only shine brightly from within but also to increase their vibration and match it to their desired outcome. This is why Sam created her unique trademarked signature program (both 121 and group) to help ladies in the business world, come together, to support each other, and be there for each other whilst rewiring their own minds. Like really does attract like, and when you surround yourself with those on the same mission as you, you literally become what you think about!

Seeing the success of others and having the clarity to know what they are doing and where they are going and having the confidence and deep belief that

Which solution is right for you?

Take a peek – and remember, whatever feels right for you is RIGHT FOR YOU as timing literally is everything.

If in doubt, or you would like to speak with Sam click on the link before for a complimentary discovery session to help you find the right solution for you.

The Cognitive Switch®  - Group Coaching Process

with Sam Evans

Do you CRAVE the MAGIC PILL to help your MIND know the exact steps to take within your mind, and business, YET you are STILL struggling to SURVIVE each day, hoping and wishing for success to magically happen yet your belief is as limited as the speed limit on a residential road?

I hear ya, lady! When we grow a business, we worry so much about time, and money that we feel nothing but stress, overwhelm and lack of belief that we can achieve success.

This is why the time is NOW for you to begin your transformational journey and start living your LIFE abundantly by having OUTRAGEOUS SUCCESS within your business, while surrounded by female entrepreneurs who are literally on the same step as you, just a different journey.

Each journey is unique and different for each boss-lady, yet the process is the same!


The Cognitive Switch® is a 14-week group coaching program incorporating both group and 121 sessions specifically designed for the female entrepreneur who just needs to gain the clarity to know what to do, where to go, and have the confidence to grow a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS.

Breakthrough & Be You

Self Belief Mindset Process

Are you a lady in business, perhaps you have just started out, discovered the world of mindset, and think WTF is this crap, yet deep down, you have this burning desire to achieve success and you have no idea where to begin, especially when it comes to rewiring your mind as you just don’t know what to do? 

Working on your mindset is a full-time job! Heck if they taught this at school, we would all be entrepreneurs! It's knowing who to trust, and where to go instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the free content, you just want something put together all in one place that has it all, to help you begin your journey to your breakthrough. This is why I created this program for you.


As someone who struggled massively in believing in herself, and struggled massively in knowing what exact steps I needed to take to begin my mindset requiring process, I wanted to create a simple guided DIY program that will allow you to begin your breakthrough process as simple as possible.

Breakthrough and Be You is a DIY program with access to a private community where I have mindfully put together valuable content that will allow you to break free and uncover your true potential and begin your path to success.


The Total Alignment Mentorship

1:1 Coaching Approach

Are you enlightened with the thought of creating and having your own dream business, yet deep down, you are drowning in mental and emotional overwhelm and feel like there is something really holding you back and you really can’t put your finger on it, yet you know you are meant for more?

It’s ok to be selfish and want things for yourself, especially when you are working with a coach.  Sometimes you just need to have that one-on-service to help you breakthrough and just be you!  I have helped so many women over the past few years working together on a one on one basis helping ladies become totally aligned to their mission and their purpose with clarity!


The Total Alignment Mentorship is a 5 month one on one service that allows each client a weekly session with Sam, to eliminate the root causes, totally transform your mind on a cellular level and have the total mind, body & soul alignment and become the SUCCESSFUL BOSS BABE they were born to be!

If you feel you would prefer the 1-on-1 approach then click below to reserve your complimentary call.  Please do note, these spaces are exclusive with only 5 spaces per year.

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