As a Self-Belief & Self Sabotage Specialist, 


there is a right coach for every person.

I believe

Working with a coach is like going to school.  Different teachers for different lessons and in my case, different coaches & mentors for different areas of my life and you get to choose them.


I’m not someone who just magically made it, and said: "Hey!I’m a Coach!" 

I had to go through a process; I had to go on a journey of self-discovery, I had to educate myself; I had to learn strategies that were super hard, where once before I couldn't even use dropbox! I was doing things way out of my comfort zone, and in order for me to excel in this coaching world, I had to become the client. I had to RELEASE the past, REWIRE my habits and REPROGRAM myself, as I was struggling severely with emotional blocks which were holding me back from achieving success, abundance and wealth.


As a certified practitioner and soon to be a Master in NLP, Timeline Therapy® and Hypnotherapy, I wanted to ensure that I knew exactly what I was learning, and acquire a process to help ladies in business, achieve the freedom from within to make SOUND CHOICES, TRUST THEIR INTUITION and have the CLARITY in knowing the DIRECTION THEY ARE GOING. 

But it all starts with a choice. 


to making the changes?


See I believe;

  1. we CAN have an abundant life with a complete transformation of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to have, be and do, whatever our heart, mind and soul desires.

  2. that every female entrepreneur has got exactly what they need to help them achieve success with clarity & confidence and,

  3. when we are honest with ourselves, we connect deeply to our soul purpose and activate the law of attraction in a total state of alignment.

Now, it's over to you!  

Check out the buttons at the bottom of the page and see which one calls to you the most, and let’s get you living a stunning life because you deserve it my beauty!

Lauren Gilbert

When you're in the wrong mindset it doesn't just affect you but also your loved ones, and you don't even realise it impacts your whole life. 
My life has completely changed & I wish I had done it sooner, but I had to wait to find Sam for a reason...and that reason is because she is incredible at what she does.

Lucy Eldridge

Before I met Sam, I was at an all-time low, unhealed and massively skint! I was carrying so much, anger, fear, stress and it was weighing me down. 

We worked deeply to eliminate the root causes, and I would recommend anyone to work with Sam.  She helped me massively and was always there for me, when I needed her and stood by me which I’m so grateful for.

I wouldn’t change a thing!

Katie Savage

My pain has reduced by at least 70% with my anxiety and depression barely showing its face.

Sam and I have developed a great friendship whilst working together. She knows her stuff about a lot of different things when it comes the mind and buiilding a business! There's no BS with Sam, & I would definitely recommend others to work with her.

What clients say about Sam:

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